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FREE DOWNLOAD: Major Lazer + La Roux = Lazerproof

k-ron May 26, 2010

Mad Decent is giving away a FREE mixtape created by Major Lazer (Diplo & Switch) for none-other then La Roux. They even made a pretty cool cartoon like graphic.  Don't snooze on this download.

1. Bulletproof (Nacey Remix ft. Matt Hemerlein)
2. Colourless Artibella
3. I'm Not Your Lemonade + Heroes ‘N‘ Villains Remix ft. Gucci Mane
4. Independent Kill ft. Candi Redd
5. Keep It Fascinating
6. Magic (Falling Soldiers Dub)
7. In 4 The Kill Pon De Skream
8. Houstatlantavegas Pains ft Drake
9. Tigerlily (DYWHAP Blend) ft. Rusko
10. Can't Stop Now (Armor Love Remix)
11. Quicksand (Mad Decent 2010 Rerub) ft. Amanda Blank
12. Cover My Eyes (Costra Nostra Edit)
13. I Said It (Major Lazer Dubplate) ft. Opal
14. Hold Yuh (Double Dubplate) ft. Gyptian

EXCLUSIVE: Benji Madden Talks Prom

k-ron May 20, 2010

Years after being dumped at the prom by his date, Benji Madden hasn't forgotten the sting of spending it alone, but would still like to catch a slow dance with the girl that abandoned him. Get the deetz below.


Buzznet: What artist would you have play your prom (if your prom was this year)?

Benji Madden: I'd have to say maybe Akon or T-Pain, but then again Prince is still the MAN. So yeah PRINCE. Then again, I feel like Fall Out Boy would be a great prom band too. Whaddya say Pete & Patrick? If I couldn't get Fall Out Boy or Blink 182, I guess I'd have All Time Low do it. Maybe All Time Low and T-Pain. Or just get Steve Aoki to DJ it. Maybe the Black Eyed Peas and Steve Aoki. Or maybe I'd just bring the guys with me and have Good Charlotte play. Sounds like a good prom.

BN: What is the most special thing that you recall about going to prom

BM: Prob saving all my money so I could rent a tux and get all dressed up and stuff. that was a Big deal.

BN: Who did you go to prom with?

BM: Allison Mason. She re-united with her boyfriend as soon as we got there, so I ended sitting alone and leaving alone. Thank god for rock and roll. Still would like one dance with Allison Mason though.

BN: What is your favorite prom scene in a film?

BM: Teen Wolf, the dance sequence. Michael J. Fox is the Man!


If after reading this you still want more Benji Madden, then head over to Buzznet's Official Bamboozle Roadshow group where we will have non-stop photos and updates from Good Charlotte!


EXCLUSIVE: Julian Casablancas Tells Buzznet He Doesn't Dream

k-ron May 20, 2010

Julian Casablancas teamed up with Buzznet to find an official show blogger in each city on his U.S. tour that he just wrapped up. As a reward for the bloggers providing us with 417 solid Julian photos, we hooked them up with a juicy Julian interview (the bloggers provided the questions).

Find out what Julian has to say about Conor Oberst's improv jams and his collaboration with Andy Samberg. We think you will enjoy this one ...

Hanimalucas: Beatles or Stones?

Julian Casablancas: John Lennon… by many miles for me.

Thejessilala: With the album entitled, "Phrazes for the Young," what kinds of "phrazes" or words of wisdom do you want the young to take from the record, if any?

JC: I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone anything. I hope people enjoy the record and I hope the lyrics resonate with them in whatever way they can. You make a record with a certain intent and hope that people will connect with it, but you can’t be responsible for anything beyond that – once people hear a record it becomes theirs, for them.

Hanimalucas: What are the things you always make sure you bring with you while on tour?

JC: Laptop. Costume. Passport. Brian Dunn.

Derek937: When you are writing your music, how do you develop your initial ideas into songs?

JC: Slowly. They come in pieces that I have to work on and try to fit them together or develop over time. For Phrazes I had the title first and that informed a lot of the decisions I made lyrically as I wrote the songs for the LP.

Lowden11: What did you dream about last night

JC: I don’t dream. No one--not even doctors--can tell me why.

Daebhid: What do you think the future of popular music is now that traditional media (radio, TV) is either dead or dying?

JC: That’s just the delivery method. Music is as healthy and arguably stronger as it ever was – there are just different ways of hearing about it now.

Mburton: Julian.....If you could pick 3 people not in The Strokes (bass, guitar, drums).. to join you on stage, dead or alive, who would you want?

JC: They’re already in my band.

Acw211: Currently, who is one of your biggest musical inspirations?

JC: It changes weekly. I like Beruit and what they’re doing. I tend to like songs over bands as it’s easier to pick out individual songs – there’s a Metronomy track I like and some Turkish 70s funk. But it’s ever changing.

Acw211: How different is it performing on a solo tour, compared to performing with The Strokes? Is there a different amount of pressure placed on you?

JC: Feels pretty much the same for me actually, maybe a little more freeing…?

Lowden11: What have you gotten away with, since New York City cops aren't too smart?

JC: Most of my career.

Dbstff: Do you have a pre-show ritual?

JC: I sing a random made up song in every key, sometimes I do covers.

Belsiechaird: Is there a song out there that sometimes you think, "Well shit...why didn't I write that?" What is it, and why is it so fabulous?

JC: I guess you feel that pretty often…? As in, you hear moonlight sonata and think, 'would have been cool if I casually wrote that yesterday morning.' Tho I realistically felt it maybe for the first time just the other day. We were having this awesome bizarro-rad, late-nite jam-a-thon at Mike Mogis’s house/studio when we toured in Omaha. Conor Oberst (name dropping) was singing over some keyboard-part jam (sounded nothing like any Bright Eyes thing I’d ever heard) and that’s totally what I was thinking. Sounded like something I wish I'd written. Which was pleasantly weird.

Jukeboxheroxo: What was it like working with Andy Samberg on the song 'Boombox'?

JC: Amazing. Those guys are always on, hugely creative, and intimidatingly funny. They wrote all the lyrics but they let me mess with chorus chords a bit so i could fit this melody i had been saving (for in case they'd ever ask me to do anything with them musically). luckily it fit… insanely talented dudes!

Jnorris: If you could time travel to any day in history, past or present, what would you pick and why?

JC: To the time fire was discovered. Just to watch people’s faces when they figured out they could start cooking.

Dollazandcentz: What really happened on Ludlow Street!?

JC: First indians, then immigrants, now musicians/hipsters/yuppies and someday chinatown…

Macavelli: Have you ever visited Houston's very own NASA?

JC: No, but that’s a good idea for next time, thx...

Docmarten71: Has working with keyboards and synths on your solo record made you want to incorporate it on the upcoming Strokes album?

JC: We’ve used them before on Ask Me Anything. I think we’re open to using any instrument if it fit a certain song? I’ve been writing on keyboards / piano for a long time already, it’s just more noticeable on Phrazes for the Young.

Ebrownie: How has the internet; more specifically websites like Buzznet, Purevolume and MySpace, changed the "face" of music. How has it affected you and your music personally?

JC: I think it’s made it more accessible, which is good for established bands and new bands alike. But if you’re a new band there’s still a lot of competition for attention-maybe even more so now… the main benefit is inspiration tho, now people can hear so much more music that there’s just so many new cool sounds and vibes and style-combos coming out…

Ebrownie: What is the main thing you are trying to do with your music?

JC: The main goal is to create something that is modern and and edgy and great, but that is also somehow super-popular… The idea/dream is if the Velvet Underground was bigger than the Rolling Stones.

Mwegener2: What has been your most surprising tour experience, something that you never thought you'd see or happen?

JC: That I’d enjoy it so much.

Beccavan: When you were young, was there an album or musician that completely blew your mind and changed your life?

JC: Bob Marley and the Velvet Underground (2 bands). Though I'd be curious to hear a Bob Marley & the Velvets collab album.

Beccavan: How many pairs of Converse have you gone through in your whole life?

JC: Not as many as you’d think. I’m footwear frugal.

Beatrixkiddo79: What is your favorite type of photograph?

JC: Ones of other people.

Orangeshoeskid: What is your favorite flavor of pop-tarts?

JC: Since I’ve had tempura chocolate cheesecake, all other sugar delivery vehicles have paled in comparison.

Daebhid: Would you ever release your songs online for public remixing?

JC: Sure, why not.

Laurynporte: There's a sudden upsurge of post-apocolyptic movies being made right now; tell me how you see the world ending?

JC: I feel there’s 2 distinct directions the world can go: either we eventually learn from mistakes and figure out the best form of governance and we can spend the remainder of earth's years having a nice time, philosophizing, spiritualizing, and exploring space… OR the entire world spirals into an overcrowded mess bordering on chaos, similar perhaps to parts of India but worst, and we’re all killing each other over water and air. Personally, I’ll try to spend my life fighting for option ‘A’… but seriously, probably on a Tuesday or early Wednesday, just before you’re getting excited for the weekend.



If you missed Julian Casablancas' most recent tour, no need to worry. We have your full dosage of pictures and show reviews thanks to the Buzznet official Julian Casablancas' bloggers.

Now lets sit with our legs crossed and good posture and patiently wait for The Strokes to release music in January!!!!

Demi Lovato Wants Lil' Wayne Out Of Jail (and Performing At Prom)

k-ron May 18, 2010

Just a few days ago Demi Lovato fulfilled a childhood promise she made to her life long best friend, Nolan Nardecchia in Dallas, Texas and attended prom with him.



Buzznet caught up with Demi to talk prom. Afterall, Demi is no ordinary prom-goer -- she has many occasions to buy beautiful dresses, but just like every girl, she too deserves a once-in-a-lifetime prom experience.


Buzznet: What artist would you be most excited to have play at prom?

Demi Lovato: Lil' Wayne

BN: Who did you go to your prom with?

DL: My best friend, Nolan Nardecchia.

BN: What's the most special thing that you experienced going to prom?

DL: Being able to spend it with my best friend since kindergarten.

BN: What's your favorite prom scene from a film?

DL: The one from "Jawbreaker."

Now that Demi is back from prom she is prepping for her adventures on the road with the Jonas Brothers. To catch up with Demi Lovato, be sure to get your tickets to her summer tour!

Leave a comment and let us know your favorite prom memory!

Show Times & Schedule For Sasquatch Festival 2010: Miike Snow, LCD Soundsystem, Ween, MGMT, Massive Attack

k-ron May 11, 2010

With only a few weeks away until Sasquatch Festival 2010, the schedule builder and show times are now released. Head over to Sasquatch's official website for details.

I created my schedule for Sasquatch, it is not too agressive, although it is unlikely that I make it in to the festival much before 2:00 pm, afterall the campgrounds are off the hook at Sasquatch and 9 hours on you feet in the festival grounds can be long. Kind of crazy, because with the exception of The Very Best and Fresh Espresso, I have literally seen every other band on the list. Maybe I will try and expose myself to some comedy. Or maybe I will meet some more boys from Vancouver and have them entertain me!

Without a doubt, I am most excited for Miike Snow, Dam-Funk and Z-Trip on Saturday. I am thinking I might dress in costume on this day. Got any fun suggestions for me?

LCD Soundsystem better get ready to have everyone at Sasquatch festival, dancing themselves clean. James Murphy threw down at Coachella this year, so I can not wait to see what goes down in the Gorge on a Sunday at Sasquatch. I might try and stalk LCD Soundsystem on the camp grounds, because I would love to exchange campfire stories with James Murphy. Think he would be down?

If you are going to Sasquatch Festival let me know. I would love to meet up. Here is the link to my schedule for Sasquatch and feel free to send me your schedule.


Behind Closed Doors: CocoRosie

k-ron May 09, 2010


Buzznet: What do you wear to sleep at night?

Bianca Casady: Over sized vintage Men's boxers, preferably tea stained.

BN: What was the last dream you had?

BC: I can't remember, but I do a lot of flying and recently I woke up with the phrase on my tongue, "The problem with magic is that it leads to madness." In the dream I was practicing levitation.

BN: Do you have a morning bathroom routine? If so what does it entail from when you get out of bed until you are dressed for the day?

BC: No routines really, I'm a vagabond so I have to deal with whatever kind of facilities I've got. I'm good at transforming myself in public bathrooms and all kinds of other hobo tricks.

BN: Who was your first kiss? How old were you? Where were you?

BC: There was a bunch of half kisses first, like on the lips with no tongue etc. Then real kisses came finally. Pretty late in the game, I guess. I think I was 13 I kissed with lots of tongue and teeth and all kinds of icky things. Sloppy beer slobber kissing on a strangers stinky couch- it was a mess. I did a lot more than kiss that night.

BN: What do you have hanging on your walls in your bedroom? Posters? Artwork?

BC: I rarely have a bedroom but last time I did, I had a poster of Tupac and I tacked little lists of beautiful words everywhere.

BN: Are you superstitious about anything? If so, what and why?

BC: No, nothing. I never knock on wood or anything, I think its silly.

BN: What movie do you watch when you are sad?

BC: White Chicks. Waynes World. This question is making me sad, making me want to drink and do some sloppy kissing. Being an adult is not all that. I could go back to kissing drunk skaters all night.

BN: Which historical figure do you most identify? Why?

BC: Jean Genet, because he is French and gay with such an abundant/romantic imagination. Boys in prison, boys on boats...

BN: Do you have a nickname?

BC: Okay this one is top secret: BIG LOUIE!

BN: What text message or voicemail do you regret sending to someone so much that you will never forget doing it? Who was the person?

BC: I don't know, I humiliate myself often. I love to drunk text from other people's phones.

BN: If you were to stop aging at a certain point in your life and then live forever at that age, what age would it be?

BC: I don't know... 12 or 21.

BN: Do you have any scars? If so what happened? If not name one imperfection on your body?

BC: I have a half moon shaped scar on my right hip bone from a surf board accident. Also lots of ex-lovers tattooed on me.

BN: If you could travel back in time and have a chat with the you of 10 years ago, what advice would you give yourself?

BC: Make more love.

BN: If it were your last meal ever, what would you feast on?

BC: Poisonous flowers.

BN: If you could DJ any celebrities party who would it be and what song would you play when they entered?

BC: I don't like any celebrities in particular. Rihanna I guess. I would play Akon's I Want To F*ck You.

BN: What was your first job? What was your worst job?

BC: Water girl at age 4 when all the kids in my family were working together detasseling corn. The first and the worst.



Behind Closed Doors: Thomas Fagerlund Of The Kissaway Trail Identifies With Robin Hood

k-ron Apr 26, 2010

Danish heartthrob Thomas Fagerlund (Vocals/Guitar) of The Kissaway Trail talked to Buzznet about the important things: His first kiss, working at a slaughter house, and the cringe-inducing tale of how he got a scar on his chest.

Buzznet: What do you wear to sleep at night?

Thomas: Boxershorts, but if it's weekend and I'm relaxing: pajamas.

Buzznet: What was the last dream you had?

Thomas: I had a dream about one of my friends. Last time I had that dream she almost got hit by a car so I wrote and warned her when I woke up.

Buzznet: Do you have a morning bathroom routine?

Thomas: It starts with a smoke. Then: checking my mail. Another smoke. Bath. Brushing my teeth and then finally: a smoke.

Buzznet: Who was your first kiss? Details ... How old were you? Where were you?

Thomas: The first Real kiss was at school. I was 13, she was 15. No Doubt's "Don’t Speak" was on repeat. And I felt like a super hero. Later she dumped me cause she wanted to date a guy who was Way more cooler. I cried for a week. But who's cool now???

Buzznet: What do you have hanging on your walls in your bedroom? Posters? Artwork?

Thomas: I don’t have a bedroom right now. Hasse and I live in our rehearsal space. There's posters. I still have posters with me from my teen room. I love posters with some kind of history.

Buzznet: Are you superstitious about anything, if so what and why?

Thomas: Yeah a lot. In New York I went to a woman who could see the future. And I believed her!! I knock on wood and stuff like that.

Buzznet: What movie do you watch when you are sad?

Thomas: Movies that are funny. I'm too emotional. I like sad movies cause they make me feel something, but it's not very often that I watch them.

Buzznet: What historical figure do you most identify with? Why?

Thomas: Robin Hood. When I was a kid I went running around in the forest being Robin Hood all the time. I loved that he handled swords and bows.

Buzznet: Do you have a nickname?

Thomas: Mulle... Hi hi. I don't know.

Buzznet: What text message or voicemail do you regret sending to someone so much that you will never forget doing it? Who was the person?

Thomas: I don’t think I've ever sent a message I regret. I'm not text messaging that much.

Buzznet: If you were to stop aging at a certain point of your life and then live-forever at that age, what age would you want that to be?

Thomas: Being 16-17. But then I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend. So I'll say the age I'm today 26.

Buzznet: Do you have any scars? If so what happened? If not name one imperfection on your body?

Thomas: I have a scar on my chest. Me and my old friend decided to brand 1983 on our chests. I started and warmed some kind of metal thing and wrote 83. It hurt and my friend backed off...

Buzznet: If you could travel back in time and have a chat with the you of 10 years ago, what advice would you give yourself?

Thomas: Stay off drugs!! And trust yourself, you're something special and your songs are good. Don’t believe people who says you're not.

Buzznet: If it were your last meal ever, what would you feast on?

Thomas: My stepmoms lasagna. It's so good.

Buzznet: If you could DJ any celebrities party who would it be and what song would you play when they entered?

Thomas: Joanna Newsom or Obama’s party. Playing good old Danish songs by John Mogensen.

Buzznet: What was your first job? What was your worst job?

Thomas: At a slaughter house washing blood off the floors. I'll never do that again!!



Check out The Kissaway Trail's new album Sleep Mountain. And the boys will be touring through the Spring and Summer, so check out their tour dates to see when you can catch them on the road.


Major Lazer To Take Over Vampire Weekend's Tour Bus At Coachella

k-ron Apr 13, 2010

Buzznet continues our Coachella interview series with Major Lazer (aka super producers Diplo and Switch), who took time off from fighting zombies to serve up a large list of artists to see at Coachella. There are also rumblings of a collaboration with a huge artist at this year's festival. Don't forgot to bring your berets! 

Buzznet: Who are you most excited to see on the line-up for Coachella 2010?


Buzznet: If you could see one celebrity dancing to your music at Coachella who would you want it to be? Why?


Buzznet: If you were to be stranded in the desert with one band on the Coachella line-up who would you want it to be?


Buzznet: What is your go-to festival attire?


Buzznet: Which artists at Coachella do you think will throw the best dance parties?




Catch up with Major Lazer and watch their music video for 'Keep It Goin' Louder'.

Banksy Premiere of "Exit Through The Gift Shop" in Los Angeles, CA

k-ron Apr 13, 2010

Celebrities and street art fans alike swarmed the streets of downtown Los Angeles last night for the premiere of Banksy's new film Exit Through The Gift Shop. Joaquan Phoenix, Daryl Hannah, Alanis Morisette, Elizabeth Banks and Adrien Brody were among the crowd of celebrities attending the premiere. More ...

King Khan Is Rocking A Dashiki At Coachella

k-ron Apr 12, 2010

Buzznet recently chatted with King Khan, frontman of King Khan & The Shrines about Coachella. This year's look of choice for the festival is golden swim trunks and dashikis (of course). Find out who is the inspiration behind his music and his moustache.

Buzznet: Who are you most excited to see on the line-up for Coachella 2010?

Khan: The California Raisins, Capt. Crunch and the Rice Krispies Orchestra, Limp Nugget, and Chester Cheetah.

Buzznet: If you could see one celebrity dancing to your music at Coachella who would you want it to be? Why?

Khan: Either Richard Pryor or John Waters because they are two of the biggest inspirations for my music and my moustache.

Buzznet: If you were to be stranded in the desert with one band on the Coachella line-up who would you want it to be?

Khan: Charlotte Gainsbourg, without Wilem Dafoe and without the sizzers.

Buzznet: What is your go-to festival attire?

Khan: Dashiki and golden swim trunks.

Buzznet: Which artists at Coachella do you think will throw the best dance parties?

Khan: DEVO and PIL


Check out King Khan & The Shrines on iTunes.

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