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Andy Hamm Of Local Natives Plans On Baring Skin At Coachella

k-ron Apr 09, 2010

Buzznet caught up with Andy Hamm, the Bassist in Local Natives. Before the band heads to the desert for Coachella, we got the scoop on what pumps them up.

Buzznet: Who are you most excited to see on the line-up for Coachella 2010?

Andy: Little Dragon, Dirty Projectors, Faith No More, Beach House, Gorillaz and Hot Chip

Buzznet: If you could see one celebrity dancing to your music at Coachella who would you want it to be? Why?

Andy: Harrison Ford, doing the mash potato, with his patented "overly concerned" face on the whole time.

Buzznet: If you were to be stranded in the desert with one band on the Coachella line-up who would you want it to be?

Andy: Thom Yorke of course

Buzznet: What is your go-to festival attire?

Andy: Less is more

Buzznet: Which artists at Coachella do you think will throw the best dance parties?

Andy: If there's room to move, then I'll be moving to Hot Chip and LCD SS


Need to catch up on the beautiful tunes Local Natives have been putting out? Watch their video for 'Airplanes'

How Matt Clark of White Rabbits Will Hop Around Coachella

k-ron Apr 08, 2010

How does an impromptu party in the desert party with Major Lazer spinning sound? White Rabbits' drummer Matt Clark tells Buzznet how he thinks it would probably play out.

Buzznet: Who are you most excited to see on the line-up for Coachella 2010?

Matt: I'm not sure about who's playing on what days, but I know I will be at Major Lazer. I'll play the rest by ear.

Buzznet: If you could see one celebrity dancing to your music at Coachella who would you want it to be? Why?

Matt: Justin "JT" Timberlake. He's a really good dancer. I think that would be pretty heavy. Just "JT"...poppin' and lockin'.

Buzznet: If you were to be stranded in the desert with one band on the Coachella line-up who would you want it to be?

Matt: Major Lazer. Not to many people in the group, so they would not take much to sustain. And if TV has tought me anything about getting stuck in "deserts" with DJ's is that a beer truck,lighting crew and cast of young beautiful people will show up to party.

Buzznet: What is your go-to festival attire?

Matt: Something appropriate. I think I'll be going with a khaki suit.

Buzznet: Which artists at Coachella do you think will throw the best dance parties?

Matt: I can't lie on this one. Major Lazer.


Catch up with White Rabbit's music video for 'Percussion Gun'

Get To Know The Winner Of The MGMT & Buzznet Coachella Sweepstakes

k-ron Apr 06, 2010

Buzznet and MGMT have selected our winner for the Coachella sweepstakes, in which we will be sending Christina Hernandez for a weekend of camping and music at the festival. CONGRATULATIONS to Buzznet winner poms29babe.buzznet.com. HAVE FUN! 

Christina Hernandez -Buzznet Interview

Buzznet: What is it about MGMT's music that makes you such a fan?

Christina: Definitely their unique sound, I can not compare them to any other band (which is good) and that kind of makes me love them even more.

Buzznet: Have you ever won a contest before?

Christina: Never! Which is why I was so surprised that I won this one. It is insane; I never thought I would be the one chosen for this. I guess the best things come when you least expect it :)

Buzznet: Will you stick to seeing only bands that you know of at Coachella or will you venture about and listen to bands you've never heard before?

Christina: I will make a priority to see the bands I know, especially because a lot of them rarely come to my area. I am also planning on checking out a lot of new bands though. I think an event like Coachella just has such a wide array of great music that it would be hard not to check out bands that you never heard of. Besides, I am always looking for different bands to listen to anyway, so this is a great opportunity to do that.

Buzznet: Are you ready for the heat?

Christina: Oh yeah bring on the heat, nothing can prevent me from having an amazing time! Although we so are not used to the heat in Western NY so it should be interesting to see how ridiculous it is, but I can deal.

Buzznet: What's your fave MGMT song?

Christina: The Youth, I love that song so much!

Buzznet: Do you remember the first time you heard MGMT?

Christina: Yeah it was a while ago, and a friend introduced me to their music thinking I would enjoy it, and I did!

Buzznet: Is this your first music festival/first time to California?

Christina: This is not my first time to a music festival, I’ve attended Warped Tour since I was younger but it definitely will be my first time to California. I have always wanted to go there. It has been a dream of mine for some time now.

Buzznet: How did you choose your lucky +1?

Christina: Mostly because I know the friend I picked would appreciate a lot of the music at Coachella and one of his favorite bands would be there, so I decided to be nice and invite him with me.

Buzznet: What was the first thing you did when you found out you won?

Christina: I’m pretty sure I thought it was some kind of joke. I believe I kept asking if I really won, and how crazy this was to me. It’s kind of a blur when something that exciting happens to you. I never thought I would ever win something like this. It is still surreal to me. It is kind of funny too, because I always say I am the most unluckiest person in the world, and winning this prize obviously proved otherwise :)

Buzznet: "Time To Pretend" or "Kids"?

Christina: That is so hard! I think I have to go with “Time to Pretend” though!

Buzznet: 3 things you must have in your tent?

Christina: Blankets, pillows, and an iPod with MGMT’s new CD on it (which is coming out soon), Haha!



To keep up on everything MGMT be sure to add them as your friend on Buzznet.

Top 10 Performances At SXSW 2010: Local Natives, Miike Snow, Toro Y Moi, The Ruby Suns, Delorean & More ...

k-ron Mar 23, 2010

From the evening of March 17th until 5:00 am on March 21st, there was non-stop music and dancing - with intermissions now and then to grab some Hoboken pizza - at this year’s SXSW music festival in Austin. In between drinks, grub and grooves I scribbled in a little notebook to remind myself, which out of the 34 bands I actually watched, I loved most. Here are my picks for Top 10 Best Performances at SXSW. Take it all in ...

The Ruby Suns And Toro Y Moi Kick Off Their 2010 Tour

k-ron Mar 13, 2010

The drive from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara is about 90 miles. In Friday afternoon traffic it takes about 3 hours. That distance is worth it when you are as obsessed with The Ruby Suns and Toro Y Moi as I am. The two bands kicked off their tour together, tonight at Mainstage in SB. Oh what a night! More details ...

Die Antwoord Scores A Record Deal And Plans To Work With "District 9" Director

k-ron Mar 13, 2010

Tweets and videos started to circulate the internet a few months ago about the music of Die Antwoord, the mega-core rap phenomenon Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. Get it while it's hot ...

"Remember Me" Is Beautiful And So Is Robert Pattinson

k-ron Mar 10, 2010

WARNING: If you have a weakness for introverts or men with a mysterious personality, you will get weak in the knees for Robert Pattinson's intellectual, nihilistic character, Tyler Hawkins, in Remember Me. Tell me more...

I Want To Be The Official Julian Casablancas Blogger For 3/24

k-ron Feb 25, 2010

This is an example contest entry....

Fun fact about me: I hate mustard, actually I am scared of it.

This is me, do you like me?

I took this concert photo at the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Fran in 2008, when The Raconteurs headlined.

If I didn't get to go to as many live concerts as I go to, I would be fat. I am pretty sure that 90% of my work out is me getting my dance on at a concert. Going to a concert helps me determine how much I really like the band. It is also a great way to determine if you really feel the band's vibe.

If I could interview Julian Casablancas these are the two questions I would ask

1) Would you rather be a unicorn or a smurf?

2) Would you be more likely to win in a staring contest or a thumby war?


Please choose me to win a pair of tickets and a photopass. My friend is going to help me write the review and I want to use my new Nikon to shoot the first three songs of Julian Casablancas' show on 3/24.



Broken Bells First Live Performance Was Beyond Perfect, It Was Magical 2/19/10

k-ron Feb 20, 2010

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Broken Bells first live show ever. I am pretty sure nothing is going to feel as good as that show felt, at least not for a little while. Details on the best night ...

2010 Sasquatch! Music Festival Line-Up Includes Ween, MGMT, Local Natives, The Dirty Projectors, Kid Cudi And More ...

k-ron Feb 15, 2010

The Sasquatch! Festival returns for its ninth year May 29-31 (Memorial Day Weekend), 2010 at The Gorge in Quincy, WA. Last year was my first year attending Sasquatch! and now I can not imagine missing this festival ever again. Not that I needed to see the line-up to make my decision on attending, but I am pretty much over-the-top ecstatic with the amazing lineup, Adam Zacks (festival founder) has booked! Get the scoop ...

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